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Kit and Nancy with Rouuseau and Gina

The loving married couple, Kit and Nancy welcome you. By sharing our story with you, we hope to have our daughter Sabrina returned home.

Meet Kit and Nancy

Nancy Alison Hey was born in the early sixties in the metro Washington, DC area. She grew up in Oxon Hill, MD until 1973, when she moved to Rockport ME with her parents. She graduated in 1987 from the University of Maine at Orono with a B.A. in Philosophy, and was on Dean’s List. After graduation, she moved back to the Washington DC area, where she did volunteer work for animal rights organizations, and eventually got a job with the Federal Communications Commission

Nancy has been a vegetarian since 1980 due to her concern for the humane treatment of animals. She worked as an intern for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as an intern during her summer vacations wthil in college. Nancy loves to write, and has had articles published in local newspapers and college publications.

Christopher Slitor (who goes by the nickname of "Kit") was born in the early 1950's in Washington, DC. He grew up in Bethesda, MD.

Christopher earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Duke University in Durham, NC in 1974. In 1977, he earned an MBA from the University of Georgia. From 1978-80, he worked at Dun and Bradstreet as a credit analyst and reporter.. In 1981 he worked as a junior loan officer for the Small Business Administration. In 1982, he earned an associate degree in industrial engineering. He briefly served as a technical liaison specialist for a non-profit organization.. In 1983 he did accounting/administration for Control Data.. In 1984, he worked at software quality control for General Electric. From 1985 to the present, he has been self-employed as a camera operator and video editor, producing a number of personal archive and event productions.

Kit likes to joke that he is over-educated and under-employed, but he is quietly working on yet another branch of his career, which will involve producing an atmosphere and a place for productive rest and relaxation. He feels that many people get burnt-out by rather vacuous and expensive vacations. He has some ideas for making vacation a chance to gain rest, insight and energy to improve their lives.

Kit's most special talents are music and writing. He has composed music and lyrics for hundreds of songs, and can play the keyboard and guitar. He is a very thoughtful person who likes to analyze, write and discuss social and human interest issues. He is very talented at writing prose and non-fiction.

Christopher and Nancy first met on Christmas Eve of 1999 at a party hosted by a mutual friend of theirs. They had their first official date a few days later on New Years Eve of 1999 at the American Legion Post. They saw the New Millenium in together, an auspicious event. They were married on October 21st, 2005 by a Justice of the Peace in Arlington, VA. They took their honeymoon in Luray, VA, where they went to Grottoes to see Grand Caverns. They especially enjoyed one of the rock formations in this cave called the Bridal Veil. Christopher and Nancy first learned that they were expecting Sabrina on August 1, 2004, when they were shopping in the Home Depot, and received a call from the Washington Fertility Center to inform them that Nancy’s pregnancy test had come back positive. It had been their fourth attempt at artificial insemination. Christopher is known by his friends by the nickname “Kit”. Nancy’s affectionate nickname for him is “Kitly-Witly”. Nancy is often known by the nicknames of “Nan” or Nance”, and affectionately by Christopher as “Nancy-Wancy”.

Kit and Nancy have had a wonderful relationship and marriage. It was love at first sight. Kit and Nancy love to cook and prepare meals together, to wash up the dishes together. They tell each other, several times a day that they love one another. Favorite pastimes include taking walks together, exercising and doing yoga-pilates stretches together, and snuggling-petting their two cats. Kit and Nancy also greet many neighborhood cats and dogs by name, and will pet them as well. Being the animal lovers they are, they have a special rapport and communication with animals. Kit has even charmed squirrels to the point that some will come right up to him and rub against his hand as he lays peanuts out for them.

Kit and Nancy love to have friends over in the evenings, to watch videos and British comedies, and to share in their fine vegetarian cuisine. Kit and Nancy like to play various gentle rock and pop music and to dance a bit. In the warmer months, they will entertain guests on their patio and screened-in deck.